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Rafferty Annuity Framing LLC specializes in helping professionals identify and articulate scalable opportunities where annuities can improve client outcomes. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Annuity framing training sessions for annuity wholesalers and financial professionals, and internal sales desk

  • Concept and collateral development with home office Marketing and Training staff

  • Available to present at divisional and national meetings

  • Virtual or in person

All topics are customizable; please see 60 second teaser videos below

The Bond Bull is about to enter Middle Age;
now what? 

Click below for video

Lifestyle vs Longevity:
Which is the bigger risk for the high net worth?

Click above for video

A More Efficient Frontier:
Can we get closer to Seattle?

Click above for video

Talk Dollars, Not Percentages In Today’s Low Rate World
Click below for video

Is 3% the new 4%? 

Click above for video

Forced Sequence Risk: Are Your Clients Prepared? 

Click above for video

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