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Academic and Professional Background


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Years of Experience


Vice President, Business Development and Messaging, SYMETRA Financial

Assumed new role with broad latitude designed to leverage relationship and messaging skills, Areas of focus and activity included regular message development and coaching with annuity wholesalers across channels (wire, bank, independent) with a special focus on the independent broker/dealer channel.  Role culminated in assignment to build new distribution effort and team charged with making inroads in the small regional broker/dealer channel as well as direct agreements. 


Vice President, Head of Retirement Marketing, SYMETRA Financial

Responsible for all marketing and message development activities in support of a $25 billion dollar block and $3-5 billion annual sales budget of full suite of fixed deferred, income, variable, and fixed indexed annuities.  Assembled and led team of marketing professionals within the P&L business unit who work closely with colleagues in the shared service brand marketing team for  provision of design, fulfillment and digital asset services, while retaining full control of messaging and content.


Vice President, Marketing Account Management, AIG/American General

Led realigned product marketing team post-financial crisis, responsible for providing marketing support for with three business units: Life Insurance, Annuities, and Supplemental Health Benefits, all within the independent life insurance distribution space.


Assistant Vice President, Annuity Marketing, MassMutual

Built and led team responsible for all marketing activities in support of career agent and third party distribution of suite of MassMutual fixed and variable annuities. Established consistent communication forums with both field and clients, from weekly "Weekend Update" emails that went out every Friday to career agents, to a client newsletter that remains in circulation.


MA, Public Policy, Trinity College


BA, Economics, Colby College

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