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Updated: Oct 6, 2021


By John Rafferty,

When the party is over

The gold watch presented

The commute no longer

Corporate access prevented

When the final paycheck clears

The last ER match made

Did I mention “no pension”

How shall I get paid?

Shall I take four percent,

inflated each year?

If four is too much,

will three keep me clear?

Time segments might do

With time on my side

If my equity bucket

When needed doesn't slide

Dividends are too skinny,

bond yields too low

To create the income

That I need to go

On trips far afield

To faraway places

Or just visiting family

And friends in their spaces

I’ve saved and invested

along the way

A respectable sum

A pile some say

But without guarantees

Of cash flow unceasing

That pile unnerves me

With bear risks increasing

So I’ll cast my lot

With the law of large numbers

I’ll buy an annuity

And enjoy quiet slumbers

Some mix might be best

Of invest and insure

For assets to grow

For income to endure

Whether SPIA or DIA

Or guaranteed withdrawal

Did I mention no pension?

No problem at all!

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